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By calling M. you can pass on information about crime, anonymously. M. is meant for people who have information about crime, but don't dare to walk into a police station — for fear of reprisals or a confrontation with the perpetrator.

The 0800 - 7000 number is free of charge and available daily.  You can give information in Dutch, English or German. The number can also be called from abroad.
Dial  00 31 (0) 800 - 7000.

Not a phone line of the police

M. is not a phone line of the police. This means that M. callers will not get the police at the other end. This means that you cannot officially report to the police via M.


M. serves as an intermediary. We ensure that concrete reports are handed over to the police or other investigation services, such as the police, Dutch National Security Agency, Social Security Institutions, Insurers, Energy companie (theft of electricity), Environment Safety Organizations,  Tax Investigation Office (Ministry of Finance), Netherlands Competition Authority. In addition, a new partnership was formed with the regional organization for environmental inspection (harbour area of the port of Rotterdam). They will act upon your information. Your report will be assigned to an existing investigation or a new investigation will be opened.

Guaranteed anonymity

M. callers remain anonymous. Your phone number cannot be traced and will not be stated on your phone bill. We will deal with your call without asking your name, address or other personal details. Besides, we will never keep recordings of your call. All we do is hand over the report to the partners with whom we have made an agreement.

Remember: M. cannot provide anyone with any information about our callers.

Reports in different languages

When you call 0800 - 7000, you will first hear a recorded message, followed by an option menu for the following languages: Dutch, German and English. Our call operators cannot be called as a witness in criminal proceedings.

With M. in Action

This service, set up in 2007, is becoming very popular. Many councils and police forces request this service to help them fight spotlights at a particular subject  such as burglary, vandalism, arson, theft from cars, drug dealing, prevent rack and ruin of neighbourhoods, etc. In addition, ’with M. in Action’ campaigns were launched on a large scale during New Year’s Eve in 50 cities. The Ministry of Internal Affairs paid for that. This resulted mainly in prevention and in some case arrests were made following M.-tips. Councils and communities were very pleased with these results.

Crime Stoppers

As member of Crime Stoppers International, M. is based on the Crime Stoppers concept that has been successfully introduced in various countries, such as the UK and the US.
For more information on Crime Stoppers International, visit www.csiworld.org.