Record number of anonymous tips on hard drugs

2015 saw a significant increase in reports regarding hard drugs to Meld Misdaad Anoniem (M.). The number of reports regarding production, smuggling and dealing of these drugs increased by 14%, to 3,120. Never before was the number of these reports this high. Overall, tipsters passed on a total of 16,400 tips through the anonymous reporting hotline. This is an increase of four percent compared to the previous year. Due to the valuable information reported, to date 1,900 suspects have been traced down, 1,200 crimes have been solved and more than 100 crimes have been prevented.

Every day, M. receives an average of 10 tips regarding hard drugs related crime. Says Titus Visser, managing director of M.: “The nature of the reports concerning hard drugs are very diverse. People pass on information regarding anything from locations where hard drugs are being produced to tips regarding the actual selling of the drugs. We also receive concrete information on how and when drugs are being smuggled into our country.”

Around New Year’s Eve, due to a tip to M. a professional XTC-laboratory was discovered in a warehouse in De Meern. A total of approximately 130 kilos of MDMA were found, enough for the production of more than one million XTC-pills. Another tip off through Meld Misdaad Anoniem in September led the Koninklijke Marechaussee (Royal Military Police) to a smuggler. The man was arrested at Schiphol Airport for smuggling drugs from Suriname. He had taken 109 slikkersbollen (plastic pockets filled with drugs swallowed by smugglers), totaling a quantity of one kilo of cocaine. The estimated street value of these drugs is 34,000 euros.

Enormous profits
In March of last year, a tip given to M. lead Rotterdam Police to a house on the Erasmusgracht. In addition to three kilos of hard drugs, they also found 30,000 euros in cash. “This typifies the gravity of this type of criminality”, says Visser. “Criminal organisations run enormous profits from the drug trade. From conversations with our tipsters we understand that this trade is often associated with other types of crimes such as laundering. Illegally obtained capital from drug trade is often subsequently invested in legal industries such as real estate and hospitality”. Police have also marked this blending of upper world and underworld as worrisome, as these criminal organisations do not shy away from violence, extortion, corruption and even liquidations.

Furthermore, analysis of the yearly figures shows a doubling in the number of tips regarding extremism.  In 2015, 141 reports were received (+110%) on this topic. Similarly, there was an increase in the amount of reports regarding arson (+36%) and human trafficking and smuggling (+27%). A significant lower number of tips were received in 2015 regarding environment related crimes (-29%) and high impact crimes (burglary, hold ups and mugging).

Notable risers and fallers in 2015
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