M. is meant for people who have information about crime, but don’t want to talk to the police. By calling M. you can pass on information about crime, anonymously.

Guaranteed anonymity

M. is not a police phone line. M. callers remain anonymous at all times. When you call M. you will not speak to the police at the other end. We have a group of trained counselors that will answer your call and speak with you in complete confidence. Your anonymity is our priority. Your phone number cannot be traced and is not visible in our phone records. We will not ask your name, address or other personal details. Besides, we never keep recordings of your call. All we do is hand over the report to the partners with whom we have made an agreement. Our phone counselors cannot be called as a witness in criminal proceedings.


M. serves as an intermediary. We ensure that the anonymous, factual reports containing information about the crime and/or perpetrator are handed over to the police or other investigation services. Our partners are for example, the police, Dutch National Security Agency, Social Security Institutions, Insurers, Energy company (theft of electricity), Environment Safety and Protection Organizations, Tax Investigation Office (Ministry of Finance), Netherlands Competition Authority. They can act upon your information. Your report can be assigned to an existing investigation or a new investigation can be opened.

Remember: M. cannot provide anyone with any information about our callers.