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Help Nederland Veilig.

Meld Misdaad Anoniem.

Youth crime

Unfortunately, some young people come into daily contact with drugs, weapons and violence. How can you protect your child against it? The pull of big money and influence of criminals in the neighbourhood is sometimes strong. They exploit fears and negative sentiments in the neighbourhood to remain untouchable. To break this negative spiral, municipalities and police invest extra in vulnerable neighbourhoods in tackling crime. Report Crime Anonymously is one of the tools to fight crime, but we cannot do it alone either. Residents often see and know a lot about what goes on in their neighbourhood.

What can you report?
  • recruitment of young people for drug trafficking
  • places where drugs are being dealt (license plates)
  • someone with multiple phones and SIM cards
  • strong changes in behaviour (expensive items, lots of money, wrong friends)
  • someone hiding illegal or stolen goods
  • showing knives on the street or social media
  • you see someone being threatened
  • violence such as stabbings and robberies

Who you are remains unknown.
We are completely separate from the police. We do not see your phone number or IP address. We do not record your conversation or store any data. Thanks to anonymous reporters, cases are solved every day.

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